TD Wealth Behavioural Finance

We See the Whole You

Your success can’t be understood with just a set of numbers. Our discovery process harnesses the cutting-edge field of behavioural finance, which we use to understand your Wealth Personality™ and what influences your wealth decisions - including your financial blind spots.


Our discovery process is in-depth. We don't just get to know your financial picture. we apply principles of behavioural finance to dig deeper and understand your personality, your goals, your family, and your motivations.

With these additional layers, we are well equipped to provide you with guidance when and how you want to receive it.

Five Factor Model of Personality

We use the Five Factor Model of Personality to chart your Wealth Personality™. This model identifies major personality traits, which can help to predict behaviours and identify underlying motivations. This model also allows us to see how you and your partner's personalities interact to influence financial and investing decisions. Here are a couple of examples of how we use this information to benefit you:

  • Calm under pressure vs. Quick to react: If you tend to be calm under pressure, we will work with you to help ensure your portfolio aligns with your goals. Quick to react? We may proactively contact you in times of market volatility, and introduce you to ways you can manage risk in your wealth plan.
  • In the moment vs. Self-disciplined: If you tend to live in the moment, we can introduce ways to simplify components of your wealth plan and provide annual progress reviews to track progress to goals. More self-disciplined? We can help by scheduling frequent wealth plan review with you and track progress toward achieving your goals.

Thought Leadership

Behavioural Finance & Sustainable Investing

Our latest research study of 1,500 Canadian investors provides insights on their key sustainability priorities and how the Big Five Personality Traits impact investing decisions.

A Behavioural Perspective On Risk

Watch Lisa Brenneman, Head of Behavioural Finance at TD Wealth & Laura Goodyear, Research Associate at BEAR, as they discuss the findings from TD Wealth's latest research that examines the behavioural and psychological factors that may impact a person's willingness to take financial and investment risk.